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Swiss Valais Sheep

Swiss Valais Sheep
The Swiss Valais sheep, (Valais Blacknose) is a breed of domestic sheep originating in the Valais region of Switzerland. It is supposedly a dual-purpose breed, raised both for wool and meat. These sheep are mostly found in the mountains of Switzerland.
Typical markings are: Black nose and head center, black ears, black knees and back of the back legs and black socks. The female also have a black spot on the rear.
We are really pleased to have these at Moorparks Holiday Cottages. Moorparks keep breeding ewes and will occasionally sell rams or wethers. Lambing time is usually around September.

Moorparks cute Swiss Valais Sheep

The Cutest sheep in the world

We decided to keep these whilst looking after some for friends. Unfortunately, after almost a year those had to go back to their owners. We got very attached to April, May, June and Brenda whilst they were here.
There has been a great deal about these sheep in the media recently making them very popular. That means trying to find some is not easy! I managed to find two ewes for sale, but I had to drive for over 700 miles to get them! We plan on keeping a small flock of these sheep, but our main flock will always be the Greyface Dartmoors. The Valais and the Dartmoor Greyface sheep are the two friendliest breeds you will come across.

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