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Devon Holiday with Alpacas
The alpaca is a species of South American camelid originally from Peru, Chile and Bolivia. Often confused with the Llama the alpaca is smaller and has a softer fleece
The alpaca is part of the camelid (Camelidae) family which includes Camels, Llamas, alpacas, vicuñas, and guanacos.
The alpaca is kept primarily as a fleece producing animal with meat as a secondary product. There are two types of alpaca, the huacaya and the suri.
At Moorparks we have huacaya alpacas, they are pets and will NOT go for meat!
So, come and say hello to Toffee, Paul and Smithers.

Moorparks. Holiday in Devon with Alpacas

Keeping Alpacas

We have to shear the boys each year (we get someone in for that), trim their toenails every two months and give vitamins over the winter. Apart from that they are easy to keep. We use the boys as flock guards during lambing time to keep foxes away. The alpacas take their ‘guarding duties’ seriously and have chased people away when they get too close to the sheep. The boys stay together as a group most of the time. Alpacas eat together, sleep together and go to the toilet together as seen here. During all of their activities they will always be watching out for danger and very often be facing in different directions to keep watch.

Come and enjoy a holiday in Devon with alpacas.

Alpaca Walking in Devon

We are lucky enough to be very close to one of the best alpaca walking centers in Devon.
So if you want to walk an alpaca make sure you speak to us first. Moorparks guest get a discount and we can make sure a place is reserved.

You may spot the alpacas here on ‘our webcams’
Have a look at our Youtube Channel for clips of the boys.

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