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Golden Guernsey Goats

Golden Guernsey Goats are the latest addition at Moorparks.
Golden Guernsey Goats Moorparks Devon
Michele has wanted goats for a long time, but I have never really been that interested in them. In August 2020 we collected our three goats from a local breader. Del, Rodney and Trigger are now enjoying life in the country.
The goats will be living with the alpacas and share their shelter, although we have sectioned a small private area for them.
The alpacas love to have something to look after and are always grumpy when we take them away from the sheep after their ‘guard duties’ at lambing time. So, having the goats has given them a purpose and they love it.

Golden Guernsey Goats Devon
You may spot some of the other animals here on ‘our webcams’