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Holiday with Alpacas in Devon

28th July 2019

Holiday with Alpacas

If you are looking to have a holiday in Devon surrounded by alpacas then Moorparks Holiday Cottages is the place to be.
Having alpacas is wonderful! When we first moved down to Devon we needed something (other than me) to keep the grass down. Our first visit to the County fair and the first animals we saw were alapacas, we fell in love. Our alpacas are all boys and all pets. But, it’s not all cuddles as they need looking after. Alpacas are graceful animals and have a very calming effect on people. We have a bench next to the alpaca paddock so you can sit and watch (with a glass of wine).
We bought our first three alpacas from a lovely lady in North Devon, Sue at Cadenza alpacas. When it is time for shearing we go and help with hers and then she comes to us to help with ours. Always a fun day, luckily it hasn’t rained on our shearing days yet. This week some guests we lucky enough to be here when the alpacas were sheared, others watched it on the live webcams.We get the boys sheared at the same time each year and usually it’s a ‘shared’ event, we help out friends and they help with ours. Colin is our preferred shearer and travels over Devon and the UK and to other countries to look after alpacas.


There are two ways to shear, either with the alpaca standing or stretched out. When he is standing, he is slightly more relaxed but not keen on standing still. We prefer them to be tied down. It may sound cruel or mean but we believe it is better for the alpaca. When he is tied down the shearer can shear an alpaca in a few minutes which means they are stressed for a much shorter period of time. Tied down means they are also not going to cause any harm to anyone near them and their skin is stretched so the clippers wont cut them.

Cutting their toe nails is so much easier when they are tied, we cut the toe nails ourselves so they didn’t need doing. In this clip Bart is not happy, as you can hear, but he soon gets over it.
The funny part is when they have been shorn, the others don’t recognise them! There is a period of about half an hour while they sort out who everybody is.

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